Interval training on a treadmill…not as boring as you think! :) ...hopefully...


You may have used one before in a gym, or it may be that you have one stored at some remote place at home, or it could just be that you are not a big fan of it (like me..) however, it should be noted that the Treadmill is one of the best selling fitness items out there! But most can use it for your own benefits and even try and make it more enjoyable! It is actually one of the most affective ways you can use to burn calories and even challenge yourself in the process! 

Treadmills are an excellent alternative to walking or jogging outdoors and they provide a secure, controlled environment in regards of temperature, speed and surface. It is available at any given time of day and sometimes even in the comfort of your own home.

 So today, I will introduce a workout incorporating intervals as well as resistance exercises we do on the floor.

Before you begin you should consider helping yourself with a couple of DB (weights) . Of course, make sure your GP has cleared you for this type of training -especially if you are not used to practicing it).  But most important thing of all....feel great & get in SHAPE + ! !

 Allow 60 minutes for training :

In the workout bellow, I will use a scale of numbers between 1-10, for you to measure the intensity level you are feeling; (how hard you feel you are working when exercising). It is called RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), when 1 being the least exertion you are experiencing, and 10 being the highest . 

Workout 1 : You begin this workout on the treadmill :

First 5 minutes :warm-up -(this is important for your body to start getting acquainted with exercise, raising its temperature and getting your hart rate up) by simply walking or running slowly. Intensity: 1

1 minute of brisk walking / jogging. Intensity: 5

2 minutes walking or jogging at a slow pace. Intensity: 4

1 min brisk walking or jogging.  Intensity: 7

2 minutes walking or running very easy. Intensity : 3

1 min brisk walking or jogging . Intensity: 6

2 minutes walking or jogging .Intensity : 4

1 minute cool down! walking at a slow pace (cool down - lowering your body temperature, and gradually your hart rate as well) .

Total = 15 minutes, now REST for a couple of minutes and carry on !

Next stage will take place on the floor where you will perform:

Squat with DB (free weights)- One set of 30 reps . As soon as you are up after each squat, push your DB upward.  ones you are finished your 30 reps, continue with:

Lunges with DB : alternating between each leg- perform One set of 30 reps . When lunging, perform a biceps curl with two hands simultaneously .

Take a breather..:)

Return to the treadmill for your last 5 continuous minutes !   YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!

alternating between walking & brisk walk/ jogging:

1 min walk (intensity = 4 ), followed by 1 min brisk walking / jogging (intensity= 6-7)  

Keep that up for a total of 5 min, and when you are done, gradually slow down to a stop .

Go back to the floor and perform the same two sets we did before. (Just if you feel up to it...)

YOU ARE DONE! GREAT JOB!  Now, make sure you stretch properly .


Next week more workout on the treadmill:) and then moving on to other things.. hope you had a good workout! stay in SHAPE + :)