Interval training... workout 2


Hi everyone! as promised, a continuation from the last time ..INTERVAL TRAINING! this time, one to help us challenge our cardiovescular system : 

We get started on the treadmill for a warm up :  5 minutes of walking / jogging  . Intensity 2-3.

We gradually decrease the intensity until we get to a final stop . Next, we'll go down to the floor for two long sets : (no resting time in between)

1 set of 30 reps triceps (back arm muscle) pushups:

These reps can either be done using a narrow grip on the floor, making sure our elbows don't turn to the sides but backwards and in alignment with the rest of the body, or by using a bench or chair .

1 set of 30 reps of 'standard' pushups ( If you don't feel comfortable with this version, use the easier version where the only difference is that we don't rest on our toes but on our knees- In this case, It is good to make sure we use a soft ground to protect the knees, This can be a towel or a mat...)

Go back to the treadmill : Total= 5 min, alternating each minute :

1 min light jogging, intensity:2-3 , 1 min jogging intensity 6-7 and so on, alternating each minute.  

Slow down gradually to a complete stop and finish the workout on the floor :

1 set of 75 reps Crunches : 25 to the centre , 25 to the right, 25 to the left.

2 sets of 'standard' Planck, each planck hold for a full minute. 30 sec rest in between them.

YOU ARE ALL DONE (for this time:) ) now don't forget to stretch properly!

Good luck and catch up next week for more SHAPE+ workouts!