working on our tummies...perseverance is what you need!

If you tell yourself you don't really have time to is a little program that will require you to perform only one exercise a day !come on!!! 

Training consistently will help strengthen your muscles , improve flexibility and your cardiovascular system. Besides, it will probably just make you feel great! does it work?? : Each month there will be between  three - five exercises, six days a week of training . You will only need to perform one exercise a day in the form of rotation; . For example, if there are three training exercises , do them one by one on  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on thursday you start a new round .

Level of exercises : Moderate and above.

Target Audience : Advanced .

so, each day you perform 1 exercise a day, according to the chart below: (see explanation for each number of exercise, following the chart)

This program : Flat tummy in 30 days......well, ...hopefully:)

  Sunday  Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday

     1               2              3                  4                   1                2              -

     3              4               1                   2                  3                4             -

     1               2               3                  4                  1                 2             -

     3              4               1                   2                  3                4             -


1.  'Mountain climbing' 

Objective: Improve Cardio-vascular endurance,  strengthening the thigh muscles, abdomen and shoulder belt muscles.
Number of sets:4 , reps:  60/50/40/30  

 Rest between sets : 45 sec 

exercise guiding points:

* Start on all fours position , one leg stretched forward and the other back (much like a sprint jump start) .
 * Swap between each feet in a controlled  manner, maintaining stability of your abs, arms and chest. Very important: try to maintain you hips controlled and downward as possible!

2. Standard plank with a chair 

Objective: Strengthening the abdominal muscles , chest, shoulders and arms
Number of sets : 3      reps : 30/ 25/20
Rest between sets : 45 seconds
 * you start the plank on your hands, feet resting on a chair. Keep your body straight as much as possible, tummy tucked , shoulders relaxed and away from ears . make sure your feet and more important your back- is in alignment with the rest of the body! 
* Take one foot down, so that the toes touch the floor.

* Alternate between the two. 

3. Back lunge "James Bond style":)

Objective: strengthening your thighs, buttocks and abdominal obliques 
 Number of sets :3     reps : 30/ 26/22
 Rest between sets : 60 sec
 * Stand upright, both hands stretched forward, holding each other (much like 'holding a fun position' , looking straight ahead. 
 * Lunge back with one leg while maintaining body weight on the front leg.  Keep the trunk straight and twisting  the torso to the right while maintaining the pelvis in as much as static position as you can! 
 * Twist to the opposite side, Than return back to starting position and start with the opposite leg .

4. Leg swapping in a static abdominal curl 

Objective: Strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Number of sets: 3    reps: 30/25/20

Rest between sets: 30 sec

Lie on your back, hands supporting the head (lightly with your fingers, try not to apply force on your neck), and remove the shoulders and shoulder blades off the floor so that your stomach will stay zipped and in as much as static mode as possible. 

* Take the legs of from the floor and place the heel of one foot on the toes of the second foot. make sure the lower leg is about 8 inch above the floor. 
* perform leg Swaps (lower leg goes on top and vice versa) still maintaining the static contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Very important!! Make sure you don't create an excessive curve on your lower back. If it happens, lift your legs until it feels more comfortable!

Keep in SHAPE+ guys!:))