nutrition! a vital component of your fitness program. A few tips to help you get started!

  • Eat fiber! fiber helps out keeping the digestive system running smoothly as well as keeping you full for longer! fruits are a great source...

  •  Avoid processed foods all together! start cooking your meals! it really doesn't have to be a gourmet diner nor does it have to take more than a few minutes! 

  • Stay away from trans fats!!!

  • plan ahead! usually, we are too busy to even think about what are going to eat...however, if you plan your meals for the rest of the week you will probably find it easier and less time consuming! make a 'day' (half a day actually) out of it during the weekend and cook for the rest of the week!

  • Don't skip breakfast- if you are in a hurry, take a fruit with you and a yogurt to go! 

  • Have healthy snacks in mid morning and mid afternoon times. 


KEEP IN SHAPE+ :)) and stay healthy!