A few good things...NUTS mmmm....


Craving a snack? why not chose a healthier option? eat nuts in between meals!

Healthy & yummy:)

I am frequently asked by clients: what kind of nut should I eat more?

Well, the simple answer is:

Eat whichever one you like best! However, if you want, try to eat a variety of them because each one is different and has different contributions to our nutrition.

Nuts have a low content of saturated fat and high content of unsaturated fat. They are rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins (especially choline, vitamin B6, B3 and vitamin E) and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese.

However, Because of the high fat content nuts are high in calories - about 600 calories and more per 100 grams. That's why, when I recommend my clients to eat nuts as a snack I make sure they know they can't go overboard with them. Like everything else: 

Moderation & balance is the way to go!

Cashew nuts for example, are the least fattening - only 46% of its weight is fat vs. 60% fat in most other kinds of nuts.

Calories : 654 cal per 100 grams | 4 walnuts contain 100 calories 
* Walnuts contain the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids non animal originated (alpha linolenic acid) . 3 walnuts are the recommended daily amount of alpha-linolenic acid for women, 4 nuts a day - for men. Since our daily diet does not contain enough omega-3, walnuts are an important addition to our menu.  
What else...? Walnuts contain unique phytochemicals with antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory. 

Calories: 691 cal per 100 grams | 5 walnuts contain 100 calories 
* Pecans contain the highest amount of antioxidants called phenols, and therefore help neutralize oxidation processes more effectively. 
What else...? Pecans are rich in zinc, manganese and vitamin E.

Calories:  628 cal in 100 grams | 11 nuts contain 100 calories 
* Hazelnuts contain 82% monounsaturated fat (like olive oil), which is important for a healthy heart. This kind of fat is supposed to be the main kind of fat in our diet, and hazelnuts (along with macadamia nuts) are considered to be its best source (within the nut family) 
What else...? Hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E, copper and iron.

Brazil nuts
Calories: 656 cal in 100 grams | 3 nuts contain 100 calories
* Brazil nuts contain the highest amount of selenium compared to other nuts . One nut contains the daily amount required for both men and women . Selenium plays a role in the body's ability to neutralize oxidation processes and is essential for the proper functioning of thyroid hormones and vitamin C.
What else ...? 5 Brazil nuts contain the maximum amount of selenium for your daily intake . It is advisable that you do not eat more than 2 of these nuts a day; excessive levels of the mineral in the body are not healthy. 
Calories: 562 cal per 100 grams | 25 nuts contain 75 calories
*  Pistachios are rich in vitamin B6, 25 pistachios contain nearly a third of the recommended daily intake of the vitamin for women and about a fifth of the recommended daily intake of the vitamin for men . This vitamin is important for the building of amino acids such as serotonin - a brain chemical that affects mood, feeling of relaxation, satiation and drowsiness .
What else ...? pistachio nut is also the richest in phytosterols - substances that help to lower blood cholesterol.

Calories : 553 cal in 100 grams | 12 nuts contain 100 calories
* Cashew nuts are the iron and copper kings:) 12 cashews have almost half the recommended daily amount of copper for men and women . Copper helps in vital processes such as oxidation prevention and the regulation of allergic reactions. 12 cashew nuts provide 16 % of daily iron needed for men and 7 % of that required for women. Iron is important , among other things, for the prevention anemia and cashew nuts are a great source of iron , especially among vegans/vegetarians such as myself .

Calories:  579 cal in 100 grams | 14 almonds contain 70 calories
* Almonds contain the highest amount ( compared to other nuts ) of, calcium , vitamin E and fiber . Fibres are important for proper digestion , calcium is essential for bone health and normal functioning of the nervous system and Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant in the body - helps prevent various chronic diseases .
Pine nuts
Calories : 673 cal in 100 grams | about three tablespoons of pine nuts contain 100 calories
* Pine nuts are richer in zinc and manganese than any other nut . Zinc is essential for the proper functioning of receptors in the body and is part of many enzymes , including the enzyme that breaks down alcohol.
Manganese Plays an important part in the building of bone & related processes in the normal functioning of amino acids , cholesterol and carbohydrates.
What else...? pine nuts are the seeds of the pine tree and  they are taken from under the pineal dander of a particular species of pine.
Calories : 567 cal in 100 grams | 17 peanuts contain 100 calories
* Peanuts contain the highest amount of protein and folic acid compared to other nuts . Thanks to their high protein content vegans/vegetarians should combine peanuts in their menu . Folic acid is vital for normal division of cells, as in to prevent birth defects in the foetus and more.

What else...? peanuts are an exception in the nut family: they do not grow on trees ( but on the ground ) and belong to the legume family , which explains their high protein content .

Macadamia nuts

Calories: 718 cal per 100 grams | 5 nuts contain 100 calories
* Macadamia nuts (along with hazelnuts ) are 1st place in regards to monounsaturated fat ( like that of olive oil ) which should be the main fat in our diet . Although macadamia nuts have a high caloric value, when its intake is balanced and right,  it is very healthy for the heart.
What else ...? The origin of macadamia nuts is in Australia . This is the fattest nut ( contains 74 % fat ) which explains the high calorific value ( and its buttery taste ) .

Combine nuts  in your salads, pastries, or just as they are !  ENJOY:)

and as always: get in SHAPE +  ! YOUR personal trainer in Exeter & mid Devon