Are you ready for summer? NO MORE EXCUSES!

Spring is around the corner...why not start preparing for those sunny, beach days with your family? No time like the present! 

* Set your fitness goals- try to be realistic and make the decision to start! What is it that you want to achieve?

* You don't need to hit the gym to get fit! 20-30 mins a day of different exercises/activities are more than nothing!

* Go on walks: by yourself, take your partner, dog ,kids, friends, colleagues.. Just DO IT!

* Nutrition: Plan ahead! we all lead hectic, busy lifestyles. Take a bit of your time once- twice a week and plan your meals and snacks. There are a lot of things you can make at home, freeze and have for the week. 

* Make a list of things to buy and try not to buy junk food - If you don't have it at home, it's easier to resist!

* Instead: eat fruits, veggies, fresh things! 

* Drink plenty of water and try to reduce juice/soda intake.

* Start looking at your food label! Sugar is something you absolutely need to reduce from your diet! Less than 5 gr per 100 gr of serving is a better choice.

Little choices make a big difference!

What are you waiting for??

Stay in SHAPE + !!