Snacks & More:)

So....Training, long days at work, life...

If you feel like you constantly need to snack on something, better make it a healthy one!

Here are a few ideas to suit all cravings:

Mid morning/afternoon snack time (hassle free) is HERE!

"Slice of heaven"

1 slice of wholemeal bread

dash of olive oil

balsamic vinegar 

2-5 mini mozzarella balls / 1 slice of smoked , quality salmon

2-3 cherry tomatos (halves)

1-2 basil leaves

'Crunchy bread sticks' (to have ready in advance)

3 slices wholemeal bread

1-2 table spoons olive oil

1 tea spoon Zaatar ( spice)

salt+ pepper

Make a dip:Whole tahini/cream fresh/smashed Avo/Guacamole/

First brush your slices with olive oil. Then, time to spice up those bread slices! 

Cut each slice to 4-5 thin (vertical) 'sticks' and most them for approx.2 mins on a hot pan (each side)

'Endive boats ' (Savoury/sweet/however you fancy combining)

What I love about Endive leaves is that you can take one out and its little boat form is preserved ..makes it super easy to chuck something in there when you're in a rush!  

3-6 slices of Endive (with the white stuff)

bit of olive oil

1/3 mango cut into tiny cubes

1/4 tea spoon balsamic vinegar 

drop of honey

1 -2 basil leaves thinly cut and placed on top

kohlrabi sticks/other root veg (can't always find it in supermarkets) 

1 large kohlrabi

olive oil (about 1 table spoon)

1/2 lemon juice/lime

bit of pepper and salt


Sweet energetic rice cake/cracker  

1 slice wholegrain, lightly slated/not slated rice cake/cracker

1 table spoon whole tahini (made beforehand)

1/2 table spoon plan / sheep/goats cheese yogurt

Sprinkle of date syrup (with tea spoon)

2-3 grapes cut in half/or berry fruit that you like

1-2 hazelnuts -chopped 

Just stack all that on your cracker and enjoy!


Banana delights - eat your banana in style! :)

1-2 sliced bananas (to circles) .*to make and save for when you fancy a sweet snack

1-2 tea spoons date syrup 

For coating: place all these (bellow) in a large plate

3-4  desiccated coconut 

1- 1/2 tea spoon ground cinnamon 

3-5 crushed Walnuts 

simply spread some date syrup on each banana slice (with sides), 

Coat each banana slice 

You can freeze for a few hours and make it last a bit longer for next day as well:)


It's a date!

3-6 pitted Medjool dates 

3-6 rocket leaves (Or non if you don't like them)

1-3 tea spoons of soft, light goats cheese/cream fresh 

3-6 Walnuts/pecan nuts (1 per date)

Simply fill each date with the ingredients/some above


Bon appetit and please don't go starving in between meals:)