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Your Personal Trainer in Tiverton & Mid Devon

Why choose Shape+ in Tiverton?

When you choose Shape + you are choosing professionalism and persistence.

When you choose me as a personal trainer you can expect to receive the professional and personal attention you need and deserve! Making sure the workout program is tailored to your particular needs.

Alongside a fun & encouraging environment I am here to work hard for you to feel & look your best.  I don’t make false & unrealistic promises simply because each individual is different and requires different things. 

I believe with hard work and balancing a good healthy life style and nutrition, we’ll be on the highroad to success.

How does this work?

Well, after we have a chat over the phone, we start off by having a first consultation, discussing your personal requirements and making sure you are fit to start training. Please make sure you visit your GP/doctor and get clearence to exercise especially in case there’s an issue which requires specific attention/if you know of any existing medical issues. 

So…what are U waiting for? Get in SHAPE + !

 Where can I get SHAPE + services?

 Tiverton, Mid Devon

What a few clients had to say…

J : ” I have been working out under the guidance of Shani for over a year now.  Shani is very good at setting a programme according to your current fitness and health and stepping up your exercise level on so you are always moving forward.
I have had several injuries and health issues which have interrupted my progress and Shani has always been empathetic and amended my programme accordingly.  Shani is a very experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer and I would recommend her to anyone.”

H: “ I didn’t plan on enjoying training & thought I would do it for a couple of months to try something new, however 5 months on i’m hooked & feel so much better! Thank you.”

A:  “…exercises are extremely well thought out and planned…Whether I want to or not Shani puts me through the paces. I would never work myself to the same extent without her encouragement . Shani knows what you are capable of and will push you to your limit, I am extremely pleased with my fitness progress with Shani.”

E: “Shani just to say you have helped me considerably during my pregnancy…thank you so much for reassuring and helping me out through this challenging time and keeping me on my toes (literally LOL)!”

E:” Don’t be fooled by this gentle looking lady…she is a tough lady, always pushing you further…thank you Shani for not giving up on me…would most definitely recommend you to anyone looking to get serious training”

B: “…Have been working with Shani for quite some time now… She has been helping me with building up strength in my legs especially as I was having some health problems…Shani is patient and very understanding…Thank you Shani.”