One of the best ways to help yourself stay fit...a big must!

Walking! Yeah!

One of my personal favourites!

Tired after a long day at work? need some time to think? why not get fit while doing just that...?

  • You can do it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME
  • Doesn't require any equipment and is freeeee
  • Boosts your metabolism & increases blood flow
  • Helps with recovery after workouts with me:) (and in general )
  • Strengthens Heart & joints
  • Helps with improving posture (especially if you are in front of a computer most of the time)
  • Helps to clear your mind & relax; thus lowering stress levels- fresh air can only do you good! and if its sunny outside- that's a bonus!
  • It is one of the most functional exercises out there! It IS one of the most natural movements we as humans can do for ourselves- especially now a days, when people often prefer not to walk so much any more and use any other way to get from A to B
  • Walking accelerates weight loss results! for sure!

Try and make a daily habit of it (if not, at least 3 times x week) ! Not every walk needs to be an hour long. And please remember: Just like with any other exercise form, consistency is the name of the game if results are what you are after! 

Make a habit of it, schedule it in your diary just like you do all other things ...

what are you waiting for? Go out there! WALK...

Stay in SHAPE + !!!